Saturday, March 31, 2012


Pain is the only feeling I can feel anymore.
Sadness, hope, loss, I feel those no more.

After you lose them, you never miss them.
These little cuts and scars represent my feeling.
I can never look at people and not turn away.
How do they look so happy all the time, when nothing is truly ever so?

I had love once, but now, it’s all dust and ashes. Remembering him, only brings back even more pain.
I can’t stand the sight of people laughing, but love to see them weep.
When they cry, I feel their pain, and they understand mine.

Seeing little headstones remind  me of what We used to do.
It’s the pain that brings me through.
It’s pain that keeps me numb from everyone and everything else.
If I can feel pain, I don’t have to feel anything else.

I’m always alone, never with anyone.
People come by, but they can never bring me out of my state.
Only he can, but he’s gone, and never will.

I always push forward, hoping, dreaming, waiting for the day when I see him again.
This thought and this thought only lets me live day to day.


  1. Wow! Sounds like you're in a pretty complicated spot right now. The thought of him keeps you going, but thinking of him brings you pain....ouch! This is an amazing piece of writing Liz. You put into words what often gets passed off as feelings that are unable to be explained. But reading this, I could relate to you because even though this experience is uniquely you, there are pieces of it that I (and I believe many people) am able to identify with). I'm sure that reading this poem will cause someone to feel less alone. Maybe even you....

  2. Hey there. I always visit your blog frequently to see things that you've update. This poem amazing, yet, sad at the same time. I also feel lonely at times but people never seem to notice it. Reading this poem while listen to sad music is beautiful. I hope that not just only him but anyone else can help you Liz.

    ~ Good day to you ~

    1. Thank you! It's a really sad poem, but I felt the need to publish it. I'm glad that you do check my blog. I try to post something at least every Friday, so you can always count on a new poem then.